Industry Solutions

Dock Door Case Study

NeWave® Portals Provide Accuracy Needed for Dock Door Asset Tracking

SIMS Case Study

A new solution for tracking supply inventories in the medical industry.

An Interview with Trimedic Supply Network

Describing the benefits realized in a SIMS pilot test.

Retail Merchandise Availability

A new tag less solution for remote visibility to shelf inventories.

NeWave In Transit

Utilizing our Wave antennas in mobile vans.

Cycling Case Study

How our Wave antennas reduced costs and increased RFID accuracy in racing events.

Surround Portal Case Study

How our unique surround portal concept provided improved linen and towel tracking.

An Interview with William Serbin

Describing the benefits of using Wave antennas in their RFID laundry tracking system.

Adient Reference

Transportation and Logistics