Proven by nearly 4,000 installations, our patented Wave Antenna brings a new level of performance, ease of use, installation, and aesthetics to RFID Portal users.

So What is so Different about a Wave Portal?

Our superior NeWave portals require no adjustment during or after installation. Literally just Plug the portal into your reader on site and you are ready to go! System Integrators tell us Wave Portals are up to five times faster to install, the first truly Plug and Play Portals available.

How do we do it?

NeWave uniquely embeds two Wave antennas in a composite material that can be enclosed in any one of a variety of structures that best fit the facility’s needs. Because the Wave antenna can be embedded it stays precisely in alignment even in a rugged environment. Wave embedded antennas provide controlled reads with a desired narrow illumination path of approximately 100°. This becomes ideal for any exit and entrance application since there may be tags in close proximity that are not passing through the exit or entry and these tags will not be read. Patch Antenna Portals cannot make any of these claims.

Key Features and Benefits of all the NeWave Portals

Our portals offer a Superior combination of:

Accuracy and Performance:

  • Patented Wave antenna portals provide 99+% coverage without extraneous tag reads outside the targeted zone
  • Our portals are uniquely designed to cover all tag orientations so all tags are read regardless their orientation
  • Wave antennas will not go out of adjustment and will deliver consistently superior read accuracy

Unmatched Versatility:

  • NeWave’s portals are light enough to easily install anywhere, no assembly or on-site adjustment required, these portals are Plug and Play
  • Our portal portfolio includes portals for walls, mobile floor units, exit and dock doors, and surround applications (see below)
  • Flexible enough to meet user requirements and budget. NeWave Portals provide optimum performance for asset tracking. Wave portals work with any Gen 2 UHF reader
  • NeWave portals can be discreetly installed as a very aesthetic solution in offices, retail stores, paintable or with a fabric cover option to complement any office or retail show room. Can be easily mobile
  • Meets all FCC standards

Optimal Efficiency:

  • No need to order antennas for each portal, hoping you remembered the specific antenna part number. Our NeWave antennas are built-in. These portals are plug and play
  • Installation simplicity, Dramatically reduce installation time, complexity and errors
  • Frame and cover materials range from very aesthetic for “high-end” retail environments to those situations that are required to be ruggedly durability or to deal with a harsh conditions
  • Wave portals have consistently produced an ROI in less than one year
  • All Wave Portals are easy to clean and maintain

The NeWave Dock Door/Multi-Use Portals

  • Extremely durable
  • Ideal for distribution centers, shipping and receiving doorways, and wide exits
  • Minimizes extraneous reads
  • Adjustable to fit virtually any entrance/exit point

The NeWave Surround Portal

  • Generates maximum power with 99+% tag read rate accuracy for densely packed items such as dry or wet towels, apparel, pharmaceuticals, documents, and linens
  • Ideal for conveyor belt, in-transit/logistics, quality control and inspection applications
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Easy to install and disassemble

Surround Portal

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