NeWave Products FAQ

How does the Smart Shelf Work?

Our patented Smart Shelf places the RFID tags on the item dispensers, pushers or the shelf. The item either naturally blocks the RFID signal or a thin metal strip is added so that the item blocks the tags. When an item is removed the exposed tag is read by the system.

The NeWave Smart Shelf and software easily and very cost-effectively determines if an item is present or not on the shelf. Out of stock and low stock conditions have been proven to be virtually eliminated while reducing inventory.

The Smart Shelf can instantaneously and wirelessly send a low or out of stock (OOS) alert to any personnel and/or system that needs to know. This makes the Smart Shelf ideal for on-shelf inventory control and deterrence of Organized Retail Crime (ORC).

What are the features and benefits of your Smart Shelf system?


Smart Shelf is is 99+% accurate and is a “No Tags Required” solution that virtually eliminates tag cost and associated tagging labor while minimizing on-going maintenance and inventory required to stay in stock.

Inventory alerts are sent wirelessly to any authorized party in seconds virtually eliminating low or out of stock situations as well as shoplifting events.


Is Easily to install, can be retro-fitted into existing shelving, operational within hours and is readily scalable.

Simple integration with Close Circuit TV (CCTV) enables immediate and remote video review of incidents. Connectivity to audio alerts allows associates to assist shoppers when merchandise is taken from the shelf.

Real-time automatic monitoring and notification of on-shelf merchandise availability with any smart device. Out of stock (OOS) and low stock can be immediately detected and corrected. Retailer users have increased sales with less inventory. Highly detailed historical item level shelf movement data is readily available for forensic analysis providing insight into purchase behavior not previously possible.


No tagging required minimizes cost of components, labor, installation complexity and on-going maintenance.

The modular design, is easy to install, quickly retro-fits and is readily scalable .

Positive ROIs in less than one year.

When I add a new item or change the location of the items on the Smart Shelf much time does it take? How technical is the process? Can I do it myself?

Our patented Smart Shelf integrates tags into the shelf dispenser or pusher trays. These dispenser trays have a bar code on the front to indicate what is normally found in this dispenser. Besides this bar code, NeWave adds a bar code that is used to define the RFID tag numbers contained within each dispenser tray. So the process is to scan the item bar code to tell the system what item is being loaded onto the dispenser. This scanning can then be immediately followed by reading the dispenser bar code. These two bar code reads will then be used by the software to interconnect the item information with the dispenser RFID tag numbers. This way, one can place any item in a specific dispenser which makes the process very simple for any desired restocking procedure.

What is your Smart Inventory Management System (SIMS).

SIMS is our patented “no item tags required” inventory control solution for items that are difficult to tag for whatever reason but are essential to keep in stock.

SIMS has been well proven to provide 99+% accuracy in tracking such items.

SIMS utilizes bins to house the item inventory. The bin size is determined by the items to be tracked and each bin is divided in half with a Primary Stock section and Secondary (back-up) Stock Section with each Section having a permanent RFID tag. As an employee removes the last item in the Primary Stock Section it is necessary to turn the bin around to access the Secondary Stock. When turned SIMS reads the Secondary Stock tag and the system automatically places a reorder.

Thus minimal human intervention is required, virtually eliminating errors and freeing employees for far more productive activity.

How do your portals compare to others in the market?

NeWave Portal designs are the only “Plug and Play” Portals available, thus they follow a dramatically different approach than what is currently found in the RFID marketplace.

Ordinary Portals currently use a two part process:

  • The first part is a heavy metal structure that is used to hold, position, protect and aim the patch antennas.
  • The second part is basically what the antenna engineers call a radome, which is used to cover and protect the inner or first part.
  • This unfortunately requires a great deal of installation manipulation to optimally align the portal Patch antennas to accurately read targeted tags without also reading extraneous tags that are not targeted.
  • This Portal installation process is unnecessarily complex including follow-on maintenance & Patch antenna adjustment to sustain accuracy. Reading extraneous tags, outside the desired read Zone is also a common problem.

The patented NeWave portals are the latest antenna designs using very sophisticated composite structures:

  • NeWave combines what was a two part process into one resulting in much greater simplicity and ease of installation and installation guides are available.
  • This design is “Plug and Play”, no manipulation or on-site adjustment is necessary, just install the structure for stability and plug in the power. Follow-on maintenance is minimal.
  • Our patented design provides precise tag read accuracy including reading minimal extraneous tag reads.
  • Simultaneously we virtually eliminate follow-on adjustment or maintenance is needed. The NeWave Portal design can be very aesthetic and used in high fashion retail stores as well highly ruggedized to remain totally functional in even harsh environments.
  • Our Portals incorporate a structural foam material, similar to the dash board of a car. Our Wave antennas are embedded in this structural foam within the portal structure. This results in a cost-effective, unique portal system that is much lighter, lower cost, significantly easier to install and in most a cases much higher performance.

Have you heard of a Smart Garment? NeWave has it.

The Wave Antenna is so versatile that it can be shaped and embedded in fabric/clothing and still provide 99% read rate accuracy. Employees can take inventory as they walk around, hands free and simultaneously perform other productive tasks. We have tested this product against handhelds and it is more accurate since it minimizes human intervention. Our patent pending Smart Garment is as safe as a mobile phone to wear.